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Abidjan, CI

  • Grade : PL4 
  • Position No. : 50001409 
  • Posting Date: 09/14/2023 
  • Closing Date : 10/13/2023 





Established in 1964, the African Development Bank is the premier pan-African development institution, promoting economic growth and social progress across the continent. There are 81 member states, including 54 in Africa (Regional Member Countries). The Bank’s development agenda is delivering the financial and technical support for transformative projects that will significantly reduce poverty through inclusive and sustainable economic growth. In order to sharply focus the objectives of the Ten Year Strategy (2023 – 2032) and ensure greater developmental impact, five major areas, all of which will accelerate our delivery for Africa, have been identified for scaling up, namely; energy, agro-business, industrialization, integration and improving the quality of life for the people of Africa.




The Presidency Complex comprises the Office of The President of the Bank Group and all corporate offices, departments and other organizational units that are directly subordinate to the Presidency in administrative as well as functional terms.

 The President, in the capacity of the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank Group, is mandated to provide competent strategic management of the Bank Group and all its resources towards the fulfilment of the Bank Group’s purpose of contributing to the economic development and social progress of Regional Member Countries.


The Presidency Complex provides day-to-day and medium-term corporate leadership and executive oversight maintains communication with the Bank Group’s Member Countries and supports the Boards of Directors in the conduct of their statutory roles. In addition, the Complex provides legal and regulatory oversight on the conduct of the Bank Group’s business and integrated risk management of Bank Group operations, oversees corporate communication with a range of internal and external stakeholders, promotes integrity, transparency and the highest ethical standards and norms among Bank Group personnel in the conduct of their work and assures the security of the Bank Group’s personnel, premises and physical assets, information and data in all locations where the Bank Group operates. Furthermore, the Presidency Complex is also involved in catalyzing investment from various sources in line with the operational priorities of the Bank Group.


The President directly supervises several departments and units including the Office of the President; the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Department; the Office of the Auditor General; the Group Risk Management Directorate; the General Counsel and Legal Services Department; the Communication and External Relations Department; the Staff Integrity and Ethics Office; the Office of the Secretary-General & General Secretariat; the Africa Investment Forum; the Joint Secretariat Support Office and the External Representation Office in Asia.


The role of the Banks' Office of the Secretary General and the General Secretariat is to facilitate the delivery of the objectives of the Bank’s Ten-Year Strategy, High 5s, and Development and Business Delivery Model by enhancing the decision-making process of the governance organs and forging better working relationships with the shareholders and host countries of the Bank. The Secretary General and the General Secretariat is comprised of:


  1. The Immediate Office of the Secretary General which has the additional responsibility of Conferences and Meetings, managing the Records Management and Archives Section and the Corporate Governance Policy and Shareholder Relations Section;
  2. The Board Affairs and Proceedings Division and;
  3. The Protocol, Privileges and Immunities Division.




The objective of the position of Principal Board Business and Liaison Officer is to assist management in preparing and coordinating the conduct of meetings of the Boards of Governors and its subsidiary organs, contribute to activities relating to the Boards of Governors, including membership, share transfer rules and ADF replenishment, and work closely with the principal Board business/Liaison Officer on matters covering Governors and Executive Directors.




Under the supervision and guidance of the Manager, Board Affairs and Proceedings Division, the Principal Board Business and Liaison Officer will:


  1. Lead the preparation of the documents relating to the election of the President and the General and By-Elections of Executives as well as assist in the election process;
  2. Prepare the work program, documents and at key moments, lead the organization of the meetings of the subsidiary organs of the Boards of Governors;
  3. Assist management with the share subscription process under the General Capital Increase, Special Capital Increase for the Bank and commitments under the General Replenishment of the resources of the Fund;
  4. Coordinate the process of admission of new State participants in the Fund and new members of the Bank and ensuring that all the statutory obligations are fulfilled; and
  5. To follow up on the implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the Boards of Governors and its subsidiary organs;
  6. Prepare statutory documents for the Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors: (i) the agenda of meetings of the Boards of Governors (in consultation with the Office of the President and Vice-Presidential Complexes); (ii) Designation of Bureau members and the Joint Steering Committee; (iii) Designation of the Standing Committee on Conditions of Service of Elected Officers;
  7. Help compile documents included in the agenda of the Boards of Governors on time; draw the attention of the Secretary General and departments concerned on time limits;
  8. Monitor the decisions and resolutions taken by the Boards of Governors with a view to preparing status reports for the Boards and the draft work program for the subsequent year;
  9. Prepare and submit to the Boards of Governors documents relating to the composition of the subsidiary organs of the Boards of Governors;
  10. Organize the work of subsidiary organs of the Boards of Governors (Governors’ Consultative Committee, Standing Committee on the Conditions of Service of Elected Officers and the Joint Steering Committee): (i) prepare invitation letters; (ii) prepare meeting agendas and programmes; (iii) monitor, coordinate and compile working documents for meetings; and (iv) monitor meeting recommendations;
  11. Prepare background papers, analyses and recommendations for use by the Secretary General during meetings of subsidiary organs of the Boards of Governors;
  12. Organize and monitor postal ballots and produce final reports on these votes to be transmitted to the Board of Directors and Board of Governors;
  13. Help prepare and organize the elections of the President and Executive Directors (General and By Elections) of the Bank;
  14. Prepare documents for the Boards of Directors: (i) renewal of Board Committees and (ii) appointment of ADB Executive Directors to the ADF Board of Directors;
  15. Maintain and monitor relations with Bank Member Countries by drafting official correspondence of the President of the Bank addressed to Governors and Alternate Governors as well as regularly update and publish the list of Governors and Alternate Governors;
  16. Coordinate negotiations on the admission or withdrawal of Member States and manage relations with member States with regards to ADB capital subscriptions and general capital increase or ADF replenishments, in collaboration with PGCL, FTRY and FIRM;
  17. Regularly update and publish the status of voting powers of Member States in cooperation with FTRY;
  18. Perform any other administrative duty or documentary research required by the Secretary General or Division Manager.


COMPETENCIES (skills, experience and knowledge):


  1. Hold at least a Master's degree in Law, International Relations, Public Administration, Political Science, Development Studies, Corporate Governance or related fields;
  2. A minimum of six (6) years of relevant professional experience with a thorough understanding of the rules governing the composition and functioning of Multilateral Development Banks’ Board of Directors and Boards of Governors and their subsidiary organs;
  3. Capacity to provide intellectual and technical support to members of the Boards of Governors, Boards of Directors, Senior Management, Bank Staff, Consultants and junior Staff under their direct supervision and all those implementing the decisions of the Boards Governors as well as applying the rules, policies and procedures governing the Boards of Governors and Boards of Directors;
  4. Thorough understanding of the rules governing the composition and functioning of Multilateral Development Banks’ Boards of Directors and Boards of Governors and their subsidiary organs;
  5. Excellent understanding of the Bank group ‘s policies, strategy and operational issues and Board processes;
  6. Familiarity with the organization of work and internal procedures of the Boards of Directors and Boards of Governors;
  7. Ability to meet client needs and achieve results, paying attention to detail (rigour);
  8. Ability to work quickly and produce recommendations; strong and proven analytical and communication skills;
  9. Ability to work in a team in a multicultural environment;
  10. Exercise of balance judgment, proof of discretion, tactfulness and flexibility; and capacity for multi-tasking and excellent interpersonal skills;
  11. Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, preferably with a working knowledge of the other;
  12. Competence in the use of standard Microsoft Office Suite applications (Word, Excel, Access and Power Point); knowledge of SAP (or other integrated document management system or quantitative and qualitative data analysis packages is an added advantage.




Applicants who fully meet the Bank's requirements and are considered for further assessment will be contacted. Applicants should submit a concise Curriculum Vitae (CV) and any additional documents that may be stated as required. The President of the African Development Bank reserves the right to appoint a candidate at a lower level.  The African Development Bank is an equal opportunities employer. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) does not ask for payments of any kind from applicants throughout the recruitment process (job application, CV review, interview meeting, and final processing of applications). In addition, the Bank does not request information on applicants’ bank accounts. The African Development Bank Group declines all responsibility for the fraudulent publications of job offers in its name or, in general, for the fraudulent use of its name in any way whatsoever 


“Please note that the Bank does not accept dual nationality. Therefore, you are required to declare the nationality you would like to be considered by the Bank throughout your career, if hired. Please upload supporting Government issued IDs such as passport, National Identity Card or Certificate etc.”

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